First Lady – Cynthia Clint

First Lady Cynthia Clint was born in Toledo, Ohio to Bishop Carl and Sister Gladys Mitchell.  She is the youngest and only girl of 4 children.  Her father was the pastor of Bibleway Temple in Toledo, Ohio.

At the age of 8, Sister Clint began directing the choir. She worked alongside her brother Greg, who was the minister of music. The Lord blessed her with a strong soprano and alto voice to sing praises unto Him. She received voice, piano and violin lessons. She produced yearly choir concerts and the Lord would always bless and fill the place with His anointing! She poured her heart and soul into the choir and worked faithfully in the house of the Lord.  

Pastor and Sister Clint were married in 1980 and they have 4 children from their union, Romica, Jeff Jr., Whitney and Trisha.  They truly love their children and have taught them the principles and precepts of God’s word. Pastor and Sister Clint have been married for over 40 years and have enjoyed their life’s journey together and truly love each other.

In 2000, Pastor Clint was called to the pastorate at the Bethlehem Apostolic Church and Sister Clint understanding her ministry to be a help meet to her husband works diligently by his side to help him build and propel the ministry forward through the leading of the Lord. Pastor and Sister Clint work together as seminarians on marriage helping married couples have a better and productive life together.  Also, Pastor and Sister Clint teach and develop the leadership team at the Bethlehem Temple Family Worship Center about being effective and efficient leaders in ministry. 

In 2003, Sister Clint felt the calling of the Lord on her life to minister to God’s people. During the same year, she preached her first sermon at Bethlehem, “Check Out The Wall”.    

October 9, 2004, Sister Clint received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Currently, she works for a Fortune 500 company.  

Sister Clint continues to faithfully serve the Lord as Executive Pastor, Auxiliary Coordinator, Director of the Women’s Ministry and a host of other responsibilities.

Sister Clint’s journey as a pastor’s wife has been a blessing no matter the challenge. Life’s lessons have contributed to and developed an anointing for servant leadership. Being a support to her husband’s call from the Lord, she stands by his side and they are one in the spirit.